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2013 World Premiere

About the Story

IMG 3566 323x211When writer and director Jeremy LaLonde (The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard) decided he wanted to move forward with his sophomore feature film, he took a rather unconventional approach. He cast the film and then wrote the script. He says, “It’s far easier to write when you’ve got a voice of a character in your head, and even easier when you know exactly who is going to play that part.” And, he also adapted the old adage – write what you know.

The idea for Sex After Kids was born out of his own experience. At the time, he had a newborn and a three-year-old, as he said, “It’s safe to say that I knew enough about this subject to realize it was pretty fertile ground and that there were probably a decent amount of people who would appreciate a comedy about the subject.”

Ultimately to Jeremy, the film can mean different things for different people. “For me,” he says, “it’s about how relationships are hard and then when you throw in uncontrollable elements it can make them impossible – but that’s when people grow. It’s about how relationships change over time and how some people have a hard time dealing with that fact.”

Shannon Beckner, who plays Jules, shares the same sentiment as Jeremy, she commented, “This film is about the entirely new lives many of us unwittingly start when we bring another human being into our old ones. The constant changes that are demanded of us and our relationships as a result – and our attempts to reconcile the old with the new.” As a mother of a one-year-old, Shannon speaks from experience, adding “Most people are surprised by the amount of work required to be a good parent and good partner and I think we always find it interesting to see how others handle it.”

Booth, who plays Bethany and who filmed Sex After Kids just four months after having her first child, offers her view on why this film has such a strong universal appeal, she says, “I think a lot of people realize that children change a relationship. The challenge is to find your self amidst the poopy diapers and spit up. A lot of people can relate to that. It’s nice to see a film where you can relate to the characters and their plight and say ‘yeah, I’ve been there and it wasn’t funny at the time but now it is.’”

Zoie Palmer, who plays a single mom, thinks that everyone can relate to this film, she says, “It’s smart, funny, romantic, sad and charming. It’s a great film about relationships and the struggle of it all and then add kids into the mix. I mean, nothing says ‘sexy sexy pants’ in your relationship like a screaming kid and a dirty diaper!”

Kris Holden-Ried, who plays single dad, Gage, who’s looking for love, jokes, “I certainly hope this film is about finding happiness!” He jokes, “Parental sexual frustration can only be funny for so long, and then it leads to something illegal (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing).”

Mary Kronhert suggests “there are a lot of characters in this film who seem to be feeling stuck because they’re living lives and making choices that don’t feel right to them. I think that as grown ups, we sometimes forget that we are still learning and growing and that we’re allowed to change. This movie is about a bunch of grown ups who learn that having kids can mean having an opportunity to grow again.”

Kate Hewlett, who plays the other half of the lesbian couple with Mary Kronhert, adds, “This film is about relationships, it’s about friendships, it’s about aging, it’s about finding yourself. And, it’s about sex.” Hinting that the title of this film, in fact, is exactly what this film is all about.

Katie Boland who plays Markee, a sexually adventurous and bold young woman, and one of the only characters in the film who isn’t a parent says, “This film is about relationships and how to love. It’s about holding on and fighting and at the end of all that, loving more. It’s also about finding happiness and how that often looks different than you think it’s supposed to.”

Jeremy knows that this is the kind of film, where underneath the comedic moments, people will find different themes and meaning, and that makes him happy, “If a film like this can mean different things to different people then I’ve done my job as a filmmaker.”


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