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By Michelle

We’re behind-the-scenes as writer/director Jeremy Lalonde begins work on his latest film, Sex After Kids

Even though production on Jeremy Lalonde’s latest flick doesn’t begin for another few weeks, the Canadian set and shot film about, well, sex after having children, is already garnering buzz.


In good company, FRM was behind-the-scenes of a hilariously quick and fabulously low-budget shoot (Global’s ET Canada was also there and is filming snippets from the beginning of the shoot). Sex After Kids, loosely based on Lalonde’s life as a father of two (as well as the lives of his friends), and the team behind it all recently called upon film and fashion photographer Caitlin Cronenberg to help stage a two-hour promo shoot in Toronto’s east end with the nine female members of the cast (and one very new baby!).


By raising over $52,000 on to get funding, the project is bare bones, and that’s just how to team likes it. “Projects were happening and then not happening,” said Lalonde, known for movies such as The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard. “I was sick of people telling me when I could direct my next project, so I put it on a crowdsourcing site, and we just met our goal.” And the cast is more than willing to do double duty. Amanda Brugel organized the shoot, while the other female cast members, including Kristin Booth, who brought her six week old daughter to set, Zoie Palmer and Katie Boland, were more than happy to do their own hair and make up, help direct the shoot and bring along the attire for the day—bed sheets. “The sheets are the wardrobe for the movie,” said Brugel. “There are a lot of bedroom scenes, a lot of before sex and after sex scenes.”

Set to open next year, the Canadian romantic comedy is hoping to push some boundaries. “I was a bit horrified at the brutal honesty,” Brugel laughs. “But that means it’s going to be hilarious. And the fact that we’re going there, means it’s going to be amazing.”

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