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2013 World Premiere


“Sex After Kids”, a new romantic comedy from Toronto

By Victoria West

Sex After Kids is an ensemble romantic comedy based in Toronto about what happens when you’re too tired, uninterested, or annoyed to seduce the person you love, loathe, or haven’t even met yet. If you’ve got children, plan on having them, just got rid of them, or want nothing to do with them, this is the film for you. No one can promise that watching it will help with any post-child sexual frustration that you may have, but it will sure help you laugh about it knowing that others share in your pain. With the writing and directing talents of Jeremy LaLonde (writer and director of The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard), coupled with a cast that includes some of Canada’s best-loved performers of stage and screen, Sex After Kids is on track to become an instant comedy classic.


sak final02thanksIndiegogo, a funding platform from Toronto, set to raise $50,000 for the production of Sex After Kids film. They have already exceeded this amount (about $61,000 has been raised by now), and Indiegogo’s goal is to start shooting the film as early as this spring and have it ready for the 2013 festival season.

For more information about the campaign and the movie, please visit

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