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Crew Member of the Day: Jennifer Liao

JenLiao crewmemberoftheday

We got a chance to sit down for an informal Q&A with our fantastic producer, Jennifer Liao!

Favourite ice cream flavour? 

Chocolate chip cookie dough.


Favourite Canadian film that you weren't in?

I’m going to say John Paizs’ delightfully nutty CRIME WAVE, a true Canadian independent borne out of the Winnipeg film scene in the 1980s.  (There unfortunately isn’t really a way to see it these days, unless you have great access to rare VHS or a screening pops up, which is how I came to see it myself.  Keep an eye out.)  Many others spring to mind…  PARSLEY DAYS, DOUBLE HAPPINESS, KIDS IN THE HALL: BRAIN CANDY, THE WRONG GUY, a couple of Bruce McDonald titles, lots of NFB animated shorts…


What made you sign on for Sex After Kids? 

Jeremy LaLonde asked, and knowing how enthusiastic he was and how much in his wheelhouse this project would be, it seemed like a no-brainer to help him make it happen.


What was the last meal you ordered in a restaurant? 

Vegetarian crispy chow mein.


The last film and/or TV show you watched?

The fifth season premiere of MAD MEN.  Thanks, iTunes!


Do you have a favourite kid or kids out there in the world? 

Indeed I do, and I wish I got to spend time with them more often.


What does your last text message say?

My last handful of text messages were stop numbers sent to the TTC in order to find out when the next public transit vehicles would be coming by.


Do you collect anything? 

Hmm…  I accumulate things, does that count?


Why should people spread the word about this film?

Because it is immensely appreciated by all of the folks working on it, who are all going to do their darnedest to make a movie that the word-spreaders will enjoy.


Morning person or a night person? 

Night, although I wish the reverse were true.


What else are you working on these days, or have coming up? 

My taxes.  


Grab the book nearest you, what does it say on page 23, line 6? 

Whenever making a lens switch, use a table, the floor, or someone else to make the transition fast and smooth.


In an animated film, what animal would best suit your voice? 

Something slow-moving.  


If you hadn't become an actor - what would you be doing? 

I like to think I’d still be trying to find a place for myself in some artistic field.  Though I actually still have a job outside of the arts, so there’s the possibility I’d find myself exploring more of that world.


What's your favourite swear word? 

I’m trying not to curse too much.  


If you could describe your personality with a song, what would that song be? 

The “Linus and Lucy” theme by Vince Guaraldi from A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS.


Is there sex after kids? 

I guess you’ll have to watch the movie and find out.



For more info check out Jennifer’s bio on the crew page, and the links inside of the Q&A.


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