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By Michelle

We’re behind-the-scenes as writer/director Jeremy Lalonde begins work on his latest film, Sex After Kids

Even though production on Jeremy Lalonde’s latest flick doesn’t begin for another few weeks, the Canadian set and shot film about, well, sex after having children, is already garnering buzz.



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Indiewire: Project of the Month!

Project of the Month: INDEWIRE.COM

shapeimage 1So this is way delayed, but last week we won PROJECT OF THE MONTH at thanks to the votes and supports of all our fans!  We really couldn’t have done it without all of you supporting us!  To celebrate we did a sexy fun photo shoot with the amazing Caitlin Cronenberg to help further promote our campaign and our wonderful women.  There are some more photos to come from this amazing shoot.  In the mean time check out the article below, and if you haven’t yet - contribute to the project - or at the very least share it around - we’ve only got till Friday to raise our funds!

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Cast Member of the Day: Mimi Kuzyk

miniK castmemberoftheday

We got a chance to sit down for an informal Q&A with the newest member of our cast, the wonderful Mimi Kuzyk!


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SciFi Vision

Exclusive Interview with Jeremy LaLonde
of Sex After Kids

Interview & by Jamie Ruby
Written by Jamie Ruby

jlalondeiconJeremy LaLonde is the writer and director of the upcoming independent film Sex After Kids, which is about how couples' relationships change after they have children.

LaLonde recently talked to Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview, as well as joined the Fandom Access podcast to talk about the project.

The idea for the film came to LaLonde in an unusual way. "It's something very near and dear to me. Also I was looking for an ensemble film to do and I literally saw an article in a magazine titled "Sex After Kids," and it just hit me really hard that no one that I knew of had done something this extensive with this topic, and it's an exciting topic that I think people will enjoy discussing after."

The film should appeal to many because it has such a broad potential audience. "It's such a big subject and everyone that has children has to deal with it."


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